Stokers is a special youth club for young people who may have difficulty in making friends in other settings. It is particularly aimed at young people with social communication problems like Autism and Asperger's Syndrome. Also it is suitable for people who have difficulty mixing with others, or who have been the victims of bullies at school.

The members have produced a leaflet to tell others about their club and to invite them join.

We are affiliated to Kent Youth and fully insured, and the helpers who run the Youth Club are Police Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) checked.

Stokers Youth Club is supervised at all times and members are expected to stay on the premises until collected at the end of the evening by their parents or carers.


"I like Stokers because I meet funny and interesting people."

"If you find it hard to socialise at school, Stokers Youth Club will help you to get friends and be able to socialise."

"We have fun and it's great because I meet new people and play cards!"

"You can meet all kinds of people."

"The club is a chance to meet new people, hopefully with similar interests."

"Come to Stokers Youth Club, where you can meet nice friends and have friendly banter."

"I feel really at home at Stokers Youth Club, I can relax and be myself."